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Infusing the trauma-informed approach in youth suicide research: Lessons from the field

Pages 579-588. Quijada, Yanet; Inostroza, Carolina; Vaccari, Pamela; Riese, Julie; Hausmann-Stabile, Carolina.

Experiences of Black women during pregnancy: The meaning of perinatal support

Pages 589-597. Collins, Cyleste C.; Brown, Portia L.; Rice, Heather; Bronson, Cassaundra; Cherney, Emily; Farmer, Christin; DeRigne, LeaAnne.

Depressive symptoms and community participation among individuals with serious mental illnesses

Pages 598-606. Nagata, Shinichi; McCormick, Bryan; Brusilovskiy, Eugene; Snethen, Gretchen; Townley, Greg; Salzer, Mark S.

The roles of discrimination and social support in the associations between outness and mental health outcomes among sexual minorities

Pages 607-616. Chang, Cindy J.; Kellerman, John K.; Fehling, Kara Binder; Feinstein, Brian A.; Selby, Edward A.

Does social support moderate between depression and suicidal ideation in low-income African Americans?

Pages 617-625. Khan, Humama; Zhang, Shujing; Gutowski, Ellen; Jessani, Sehar N.; Kaslow, Nadine J.

Psychological distress prevalence and associated stressors and supports among urban-displaced Congolese adults in Kenya

Pages 626-634. Tippens, Julie A.; Hatton-Bowers, Holly; Honomichl, Ryan; Wheeler, Lorey A.; Miamidian, Helen M.; Bash, Kirstie L.; Howell Smith, Michelle C.; Nyaoro, Dulo; Byrd, J. Joshua; Packard, Samuel E.; Teufel-Shone, Nicolette I.

Longitudinal changes in child maltreatment reports

Pages 635-646. Kim, Hyunil; Maguire-Jack, Kathryn.

Vulnerable yet forgotten? A systematic review identifying the lack of evidence for effective suicide interventions for young people in contact with child protection systems

Pages 647-659. Russell, Douglas H.; Trew, Sebastian; Higgins, Daryl J.

The impact of psychological flexibility on sexual identity stress and well-being among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals

Pages 660-670. Chan, Kevin Ka Shing; Yip, Charles Chiu Hung.

Female adopted Chinese-American youth’s sense of exclusion and short-and long-term adjustment

Pages 671-681. Xing Tan, Tony; Wang, Yan; Hao, Sy-Woei; Li, Yanzheng.

Childhood sexual abuse moderates the mediating pathways connecting cognitive distortions and suicidal ideation among homeless youth

Pages 682-692. Zhang, Jing; Wu, Qiong; Slesnick, Natasha.

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