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Task Forces

We organize action-oriented task forces on issues of grave concern to the Alliance.

What We Do

The Global Alliance prides itself on being action-oriented and interdisciplinary, approaching issues with a unique lens that focuses our work at the intersection of social justice, behavioral health, and human rights. One way we seek to make progress and move the needle on local and global issues that matter is through our task forces.

As our task forces move their work forward, each next step is taken with the Global Alliance framework and values in mind. Our products reflect our commitment to Equity, Behavioral Health, and Children & Families.

More than an interest group

A task force is product-driven and action-oriented. Members work together to write resolutions, policy briefs, journal articles, and white papers; to organize educational and advocacy events; to produce podcast episodes and webinars; and to prepare and deliver conference presentations.

The exact products of each group depend on the members involved and their areas of lived experience, expertise, and interest.

Active Task Forces

Our task forces welcome new members on a rolling basis. Contact us at gro.e1716581808citsu1716581808jhb@e1716581808crofk1716581808sat1716581808 to let us know you are interested.

Get Involved

We welcome new members* to our task forces at any time! From students to seasoned professionals, all levels of experience from a wide variety of disciplines (such as psychology, social work, law, medicine, academia, etc.) are encouraged to check out and join in our work.

Task force members are expected to attend regular Zoom meetings (every 4-6 weeks) and to contribute to the work and vision of the group, which often means completing tasks, research, writing, etc., outside of the meeting. We value your contribution, and we believe that we can accomplish more together!

If you are interested in one or more of the topics we are addressing, but you are not ready to join a task force, we encourage you to stay engaged with the work of the Global Alliance via our social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), blog, events, and email communications.

Global Alliance membership is required to participate in our task forces. Students are permitted to participate in the regular Student & Early Career Task Force meetings without a membership. 

Become a member today

Past Task Forces

In the past, we have sponsored task forces on:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Justice Reform
  • Family Homelessness
  • Children’s Rights to Protection of Important Family Relationships
  • Mental Health and Human Rights
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Schools as Places of Community


May I be a member of more than one task force?

Yes. Individuals are able to participate in as many task forces as they wish, as long as they meet the expectations set by Global Alliance.

Contact gro.e1716581808citsu1716581808jhb@e1716581808ciffo1716581808 if you are interested in participating!

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