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Human Trafficking Task Force

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Please note that the Human Trafficking Task Force is not currently active.

Human trafficking is an egregious violation of human rights, yet it remains prevalent in our society and world. Over time, as our Human Trafficking Task Force surveyed the body of work being done in response to human trafficking, we recognized a gap: primary prevention—that is, preventing the act of trafficking before it ever happens. There wasn’t much being done to understand and address the underlying factors of vulnerability that lead to a person being trafficked or to a person becoming a trafficker.

Since 2015, this task force has focused on primary prevention of human trafficking with an emphasis on child trafficking. As a group, we share a common passion for protecting children from the trauma (and often long-lasting physical and behavioral health repercussions) of human trafficking.

What We’ve Worked On

In our work on primary prevention of child trafficking, we produced two foundational pieces:

At the Global Alliance virtual conference, Coming Together for Action 2020, we hosted a panel discussion on Implementing Primary Prevention Principles and Strategies for Child Trafficking, which includes a concise overview of the development of the Primary Prevention Framework and an example of how to implement the framework. The panel discussion that follows is, in part, the impetus for our 2021 focus on furthering the work and reach of the Framework.

In the past few years, our task force members have presented their work to a variety of audiences outside the Global Alliance, as well, participating in:

  • A collaborative congressional briefing on trafficking prevention (2017), which included a written policy brief
  • The September 2017 Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking in Lincoln, NE
  • The November 2018 and 2019 annual meetings of the American Public Health Association
  • The June 2019 Society for Community Research and Action Biennial Conference

At the beginning of 2021, we released Recommendations for the Biden/Harris administration, outlining ways the U.S. government can take action to prevent child trafficking.

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