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Justice Reform Task Force

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Please note that the Justice Reform Task Force is not currently active.

It’s no secret that, in the U.S., mass incarceration is a serious problem, and it affects more than just those who are incarcerated. It has reverberating effects on families and communities, too. In line with the unique lens of the Global Alliance, we are committed to addressing issues within (and impacted by) the criminal justice system that fall at the intersection of behavioral health, social justice, and human rights.

What We’ve Worked On

The work of the Justice Reform Task Force has covered a broad base of related issues, including maternal incarceration, female incarceration, incarceration and intellectual/developmental disabilities, COVID-19 and incarcerated populations, tough-on-crime policies, health care and re-entry, and mental health and the justice system.

At the Coming Together for Action 2020 Virtual Conference, we presented:

Other highlights of past work can be categorized by topic:

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