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CT4A: Resource Hub

October 12, 2022



Access our Frequently Asked Questions and Code of Conduct here.

How to use the Whova event app

Intro to the Whova Event App for Attendees

This video tutorial includes information on how to download the Whova app, how to sign in, how to create personal agenda and take notes on specific sessions. This tutorial also has instructions on how to view attendee list and network with others. View the tutorial in webpage form here.

How to Find Your QR Code for Registration:

You will need your personal QR code to check into the event:

  1. Have the Whova app downloaded and logged into your account
  2. At the top left, click on your profile photo
  3. Select the first option – My Contact Info & QR Code
  4. Click “View My Code”

How to Create Your Presenter Profile

Your speaker profile will let other attendees locate and attend your presentation, while allowing you network and make new connections. Learn how to create your presenter profile in Whova here.

Effective Networking

Learn how you can connect with other attendees at #Together4Action2022 with this video tutorial covering how to message other attendees and exchange contact information.

Don’t know where to begin?

To get you started, we’ve highlighted a few sessions on the following topics:

Check out the Wellness & Connection Hub!

Don’t miss the Wellness and Connection Hub exhibition booth to learn about wellness and recreation opportunities during #Together4Action2022! Some activities will be virtual, while others will be scheduled and in-person, including group yoga and an evening jog! Read the Wellness Workbook here.

Support the Native American Community of Baltimore

  • We encourage people to learn more about the American Indian and Alaskan Native families living in Baltimore. The Baltimore American Indian Center is a great place to start. The Heritage Museum will be open while we are in Baltimore, and we encourage people to visit.
  • A great way to support the Native American population of Baltimore is to visit Native owned and operated businesses. Information about these businesses is available here.
  • If you are interested in taking a walking tour of the American Indian community of East Baltimore, we recommend you visit this website which can direct you to the sites.
  • If you want to go further afield, there are many American Indian sites and experiences in Maryland. You can access a list here.

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