Thanks to All Who Attended the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) Biennial Conference!

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Participants in the conference held at the University of Ottawa enjoyed a wide
variety of 
presentations and networking opportunities (along with beautiful weather 
and scenery)! 
View photos and the conference program, listen to podcasts, and 
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Issue 87(4) now available! 

The moderating role of relationship skills education on depressive symptoms in fathers with young children. Roopnarine, Jaipaul L.; Dede Yildirim, Elif.
Associations between school violence, military connection, and gang membership in California secondary schools. Estrada Jr., Joey Nuñez; Gilreath, Tamika D.; Sanchez, Cathia Y.; Astor, Ron Avi.
Examining the effects of emotional and cognitive desensitization to community violence exposure in male adolescents of color. Gaylord-Harden, Noni K.; So, Suzanna; Bai, Grace J.; Tolan, Patrick H.
Social Innovations
Boys do(n’t) cry: Addressing the unmet mental health needs of African American boys. Lindsey, Michael A.; Brown, Danica R.; Cunningham, Michael.
What is going on in African American communities that there is a lack of safe spaces for boys to express their emotions and to share their travails with supportive networks in lieu of ending their lives? Topics discussed include (1) untreated depression among African American youth; (2) looking deeper at the reasons for untreated depression; (3) misunderstanding and denial of mental health challenges; (4) risk factors in schools; (5) harsh discipline practices; (6) low teacher expectations; and (7) disconnection from adults.
Physical family violence and externalizing and internalizing behaviors among children and adolescents. Renner, Lynette M.; Boel-Studt, Shamra.
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World Day Against Trafficking

Trafficking Words





July 30 has been declared the World Day Against Trafficking to “raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection of their rights.”

The Global Alliance is committed to the effort to end human trafficking. Our Task Force on the Prevention of Child Trafficking recently developed a Resolution on the Prevention of Child Trafficking and is working to develop a framework for prevention. (Access all of our resolutions and position statements.) We are also working with the National Prevention Science Coalition to educate U.S. legislators on the need for prevention efforts. 

Want to learn more about human trafficking?

  • Access articles in AJO on human trafficking.
  • View the resources available on United Nations World Day Against Trafficking website.
  • Check out the websites of nonprofits dedicated to combating human trafficking (e.g., Polaris Project, Love146, Shared Hope).