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Policy Statement on the Impact of COVID-19 on Students’ Mental Health

October 5, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its 10th month of global transmission, countries and communities worldwide struggle to contain it and reduce the number of infections. Globally, the coronavirus disease has infected more than 34 million people, and the total estimate of deaths exceeds 1 million lives. The United States (U.S.) remains an epicenter for transmission and death, though Brazil and India, two developing countries with dense population centers, are also contending with widespread community transmission. Currently, there are over 24 million coronavirus survivors who may face long-term complications with medical and psychological needs due to COVID-19-related disability (World Health Organization, 2020).

This policy statement focuses on the mental health of students in higher education during this uncertain time with additional attention on U.S.-based students training in health and wellness related fields, who face additional stressors in pursuit of careers. These students include, but are not limited to those in such fields as: psychology, psychiatry, social work, and nursing. Protecting students and their health is an essential public health concern.

Read the full policy statement:

See also our accompanying Policy Brief on the Impact of COVID-19 on Students’ Mental Health.

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