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LGBTQ+ Task Force Recommendations for the New Administration

January 20, 2021

Discrimination against individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ has been associated with higher rates of mental health disorders, violence, homelessness, substance use, and suicide. The Global Alliance LBGTQ+ Task Force has developed the following recommendations for the Biden/Harris Administration aimed at addressing discrimination against individuals identifying as LGBTQ+.


  • Restore or adopt protections such as:
    • Adopt the provision of full insurance coverage for gender-affirming care across the life course and disallowing/prohibiting premium increases for people based on their gender identity;
    • Universally adopt a transgender-affirming Medical Necessity Standard (WPATH, 2016) at the state and national levels;
    • Restore the ability of transgender individuals to serve in the military; and
    • Restore safe and equitable housing protections for both adults and youth involved in different systems.
  • Develop federal legislation to address bullying and school-based violence that focuses on the needs of LGBTQ+ youth. Such legislation should include training for educators, administrators, and mental health professionals, as well as a focus on gender-affirming contexts. 
    • Improve the school climate for LGBTQ+ youth. Provide training for educators, administrators, and mental health professionals on gender identity development, gender expression, and sexual orientation. 
    • Facilitate compliance with local, state, and federal laws concerning bullying, harassment, privacy, and discrimination and ensure that all students have the opportunity to express themselves and live authentically (GLSEN & NCTE, 2016).
  • Require all federal departments to have a non-discrimination clause inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity (e.g., housing, employment, public education, military service). Put pressure on all state-level policies to include gender identity in state crimes statutes.
  • Adopt a multilateral approach that integrates anti-poverty, inclusive economic growth efforts to combat criminalization, violence reduction efforts, and state-sponsored discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. 
  • The U.S. should join international multilateral efforts to investigate and address violations against LGBTQ+ rights.
    • Comprehensive policy for relief and development investments and activities by U.S. federal agencies active in international development, on behalf of the needs and aspirations of marginalized LGBTQ+ people everywhere.

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