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GA at UN: Wrap Up

September 27, 2019

As I reflect on the process leading up to and the experience at the UN HLM and UNGA side events, I feel hopeful that the progress made in NYC this past week is significant. It provides the necessary framework to act and amplify our voice. The meetings and events highlighted successes to date and presented glaring gaps that need to be addressed in order to achieve the SDGs and UHC in the years to come. The commitment is a long process, for each community and country. To be accountable the global community must move forward with tangible targets. For the Global Alliance our next steps include:

  • continuing to advocate and inform policy and research on pertinent issues surrounding the inclusion of mental health and behavioral health services as part of UHC, through channels such as written statements, policy resolutions and multi-stakeholder meetings;
  • develop and share good information about the intersection of behavioral health and social justice issues; and
  • complete an environmental scan to identify gaps in policy and research as well as potential partners engaged in global mental health advocacy and education.

This week, people from around the world shared common goals on this important stage. It was a great privilege to represent the Global Alliance in advocating for our shared values. #GA4UHC #SDGs #globalgoals

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