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AJO 92(3) Contents

June 2, 2022
AJO American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Editors: Jill D. Mcleigh and William Spaulding

Articles in AJO, Volume 92, Issue 3

Out-of-home placement, sleep problems, and later mental health and crime: A prospective investigation.

Pages 257–267. Javakhishvili, Magda; Widom, Cathy Spatz.

Trends and disparities in unmet treatment needs for co-occurring depression and alcohol use disorders among young adults in the U.S. 

Pages 268–279. Lu, Wenhua; Kim, Jessica Cho; Yoon, Anderson Sungmin; Yun, Kwiryng Kim; Solomon, Phyllis.

Generativity among people with lived experience of mental illness and distress.

Pages 280–290. Jordan, Gerald; Davidson, Larry; Bellamy, Chyrell.

Subjective well-being, sense of coherence, and posttraumatic growth mediate the association between COVID-19 stress, trauma, and burnout among Palestinian health-care providers. 

Pages 291–301. Veronese, Guido; Mahamid, Fayez A.; Bdier, Dana.

Adverse childhood experiences, sexual victimization, and suicide ideation and attempts: A longitudinal path analysis spanning 22 years. 

Pages 302–309. Thompson, Martie P.; Kingree, J.B.

Microskills of broaching and bridging in cross-cultural psychotherapy: Locating therapy skills in the epistemic domain toward fostering epistemic justice.

Pages 310–321. Lee, Eunjung; Greenblatt, Andrea; Hu, Ran; Johnstone, Marjorie; Kourgiantakis, Toula.

Developing a model of broaching and bridging in cross-cultural psychotherapy: Toward fostering epistemic and social justice. 

Pages 322–333. Lee, Eunjung; Greenblatt, Andrea; Hu, Ran; Johnstone, Marjorie; Kourgiantakis, Toula.

The experiences of older youth in and aged out of foster care during the COVID-19 pandemic: Material and financial well-being by foster care status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race.

Pages 334–348. Greeson, Johanna K. P.; Gyourko, John R.; Jaffee, Sara R.; Wasch, Sarah.

Social support and networks among people experiencing chronic homelessness: A systematic review. 

Pages 349–363. Cummings, Camilla; Lei, Quinmill; Hochberg, Lauren; Hones, Victoria; Brown, Molly.

Centering mental health in society: A human rights approach to well-being for all. 

Pages 364–370. Lomax, Silicia; Cafaro, Cori L.; Hassen, Nadha; Whitlow, Clysha; Magid, Kirby; Jaffe, Gita.

Intersected discrimination through the lens of COVID-19: The case example of Christian minority in Iraq.

Pages 371–388. Kira, Ibrahim A.; Al-Noor, Taghreed H.; Al-bayaty, Yasir Waleed; Shuwiekh, Hanaa A. M.; Ashby, Jeffrey S.; Jamil, Hikmet.

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