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AJO 92(2) Contents

March 10, 2022
AJO American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Editors: Jill D. Mcleigh and William Spaulding

Articles in AJO, Volume 92, Issue 2

Strengths despite stress: Social-structural stressors and psychosocial buffers of depressive symptoms among U.S. Black men

Pages 133-143. del Río-González, Ana María; Mbaba, Mary; Johnson, Caroline; Teti, Michelle; Massie, Jenné S.; Bowleg, Lisa.

Critical civic engagement in Black college students: Interplay between discrimination, centrality, and preparation for bias

Pages 144-153. Christophe, N. Keita; Martin Romero, Michelle Y.; Hope, Elan; Stein, Gabriela L.

A safe bet? Transgender and gender diverse experiences with inclusive therapists

Pages 154-158. Snow, Annie; Cerel, Julie; Frey, Laura.

Evolution of the accommodation situation among women living homeless in Madrid, Spain: A longitudinal study

Pages 159-167. Vázquez, José Juan; Cabrera, Adrian; Panadero, Sonia.

Helping individuals in the sex trade during COVID-19: The perspectives of Israeli aid organizations

Pages 168-175. Lahav-Raz, Yeela; Prior, Ayelet; Shilo, Guy; Peled, Einat.

Parental perceived immigration threat and children’s mental health, self-regulation and executive functioning in pre-Kindergarten

Pages 176-189. Barajas-Gonzalez, R. Gabriela; Ursache, Alexandra; Kamboukos, Dimitra; Huang, Keng-Yen; Dawson-McClure, Spring; Urcuyo, Anya; Huang, Tiffany June Jay; Brotman, Laurie Miller.

Female Arab teenagers’ involvement in antisocial behavior: Intersection of perceived ethnonational discrimination, sexual victimization, and affiliation with delinquent peers

Pages 190-202. Jeries-Loulou, Lana Jamal; Khoury-Kassabri, Mona.

The mediating role of social climate in the association of youth and residential service characteristics and quality of life

Pages 203-216. Leipoldt, Jonathan D.; Harder, Annemiek T.; Kayed, Nanna S.; Knorth, Erik J.; Rimehaug, Tormod.

Actuarial prediction versus clinical prediction of exits from a national supported housing program

Pages 217-223. Byrne, Thomas; Tsai, Jack.

Bringing juvenile justice and public health systems together to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of justice-involved youth

Pages 224-235. Tolou-Shams, Marina; Dauria, Emily F.; Rosen, Rochelle K.; Clark, Melissa A.; Spetz, Joanne; Levine, Andrew; Marshall, Brandon D. L.; Folk, Johanna B.; Gopalakrishnan, Lakshmi; Nunn, Amy. the project emPOWER’D expert consultant panel .

Relationship between religion and redress relief among Japanese American World War II incarceration survivors

Pages 236-245. Nagata, Donna K.; Kim, Jacqueline H. J.; Wu, Kaidi.

Conceptualizations of suicide and suicide-related stigma in Latino communities in the United States

Pages 246-255. Brewer, Kathryne B.; Washburn, Micki; Gearing, Robin E.; Yu, Miao; Torres-Hostos, Luis R.; Giraldo-Santiago, Natalia; Cabrera, Alberto.

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