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AJO 92(1) Contents

February 14, 2022
AJO American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Editors: Jill D. Mcleigh and William Spaulding

Articles in AJO, Volume 92, Issue 1

Social-cognitive mediators of the relationship of media exposure to acute mass violence and distress among adolescents

Pages 1-10. Felix, Erika D.; Janson, Melissa; Fly, Jason; Powers, Josh.

Open Access

Contemporary parenting and its association with parents’ well-being in the face of COVID-19: The mediating role of guilt

Pages 11-17. Lavenda, Osnat.

Examining risk and protective predictors of substance use among low-income Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander adolescents

Pages 18-24. Huang, Cindy Y.; Nishioka, Silvia A.; Zane, Nolan W.; Uchigakiuchi, Patrick.

Sexual and romantic relationships among people experiencing homelessness: A scoping review

Pages 25-38. Czechowski, Konrad; Turner, Kimberly A.; Labelle, Patrick R.; Sylvestre, John.

Ecological disruptions and well-being among children in foster care

Pages 39-50. Hindt, Lauren A.; Leon, Scott C.

Ethnic discrimination, social cohesion, and mental health among Latinx adults

Pages 51-57. Torres, Lucas; Pachicano, Jaclyn B.; Bird, Claire M.; Edwards, Lisa M.

Experiences of discrimination among young adults experiencing homelessness: Relationship to mental health outcomes

Pages 58-67. Narendorf, Sarah Carter; Palmer, Ashley; Minott, Kenya; Santa Maria, Diane; Bender, Kimberly; Shelton, Jama; Ferguson, Kristin; Hsu, Hsun-Ta; Barman-Adhikari, Anamika; Petering, Robin.

Mental health implications of the acting white accusation: The role of cultural betrayal and ethnic-racial identity among Black and Latina/o emerging adults

Pages 68-78. Durkee, Myles I.; Gómez, Jennifer M.

Understanding the migration experience of unaccompanied youth: A review of the literature

Pages 79-102. Garcia, Maria Fernanda; Birman, Dina.

Suicidal ideation in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with mental health conditions at risk for homelessness

Pages 103-108. Keller, Amber V.; Clark, Jillian M. R.; Muller-Cohn, Chantal M.; Jak, Amy J.; Depp, Colin A.; Twamley, Elizabeth W.

Israeli social workers’ recommendations on guardianship and supported decision-making: Examination of client and social worker factors

Pages 109-120. Werner, Shirli; Holler, Roni.

Open Access

Latent class analysis of COVID-19 experiences, social distancing, and mental health

Pages 121-132. Frounfelker, Rochelle L.; Li, Zhi Yin; Santavicca, Tara; Miconi, Diana; Rousseau, Cecile.

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