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AJO 91(6) Contents

November 16, 2021
AJO American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Editors: Jill D. Mcleigh and William Spaulding

Articles in AJO, Volume 91, Issue 6

Group identification attenuates the effect of historical trauma on mental health: A study of Iraqi Kurds

Pages 693-702. Skrodzka, Magdalena; Sosnowski, Piotr; Bilewicz, Michał; Stefaniak, Anna.

Increasing mental health treatment access and equity through trauma-responsive care

Pages 703-713. Mersky, Joshua P.; Topitzes, James; Langlieb, Jeffrey; Dodge, Kenneth A.

Community social workers’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic

Pages 714-723. Itzhaki-Braun, Yael.

A mixed-methods study of social identities in mental health care among LGBTQ young adults of color

Pages 724-737. Moore, Kiara; Camacho, David; Spencer-Suarez, Kimberly N.

Lived experiences of mental health in higher education: A comparative analysis of determinants to supports and services

Pages 738-750. Stegenga, Sondra M.; Sinclair, James; Knowles, Christen; Storie, Sloan O.; Seeley, John R.

Supporting sexual assault survivors with disabilities: Tracing disclosure and referral pathways to postassault health care services

Pages 751-762. Campbell, Rebecca; Javorka, McKenzie; Gregory, Katie; Vollinger, Lauren.

Conceptualizing healing through the African American experience of historical trauma

Pages 763-775. Henderson, Zuleka R.; Stephens, Tricia N.; Ortega-Williams, Anna; Walton, Quenette L.

Investigating the effects of the moms’ empowerment program on 8-year traumatic stress symptom trajectories in women with histories of IPV

Pages 776-788. Galano, Maria M.; Stein, Sara F.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew C.; Clark, Hannah M.; Graham-Bermann, Sandra A.

Association between cumulative risk and protective factors with mental distress among female military spouses

Pages 789-799. Sullivan, Kathrine S.; Park, Yangjin; Cleland, Charles M.; Merrill, Julie C.; Clarke-Walper, Kristina; Riviere, Lyndon A.

Association between LBGTQ+-supportive school and community resources and suicide attempts among adolescents in Massachusetts

Pages 800-811. Eisenberg, Marla E.; Wood, Brittany A.; Erickson, Darin J.; Gower, Amy L.; Kessel Schneider, Shari; Corliss, Heather L.

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