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Safe and Humane Schools Task Force Meeting

The Safe and Humane Schools Task Force is meeting via Zoom. If you are a current member* of the Global Alliance, you will receive an email with the meeting link. Whether you’ve previously participated in this task force or would like to attend for the first time, all are welcome.

*Global Alliance membership is a requirement to join a task force. Please visit our membership page to learn more.

Please note our policy on AI technologies: The Global Alliance values inclusivity and respect for everyone’s human rights. To ensure the privacy of our members, AI assistants, such as Otter AI, and other technologies, will not be permitted in Task Force meetings at this time. This decision recognizes that AI technology is increasing rapidly without adequate regulation to protect the privacy of meeting participants and to ensure the accuracy of AI summaries. In our online group settings and all other Global Alliance settings, we adhere to a standard of respect for all.



Wed. Feb 28, 2024


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT
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