EPISODE 1: Acculturation and the Psychosocial Well-being of Latina/o Immigrants (13:50)

Sara Buckingham, doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, talks with the Global Alliance about what acculturation is, why it is important, why a new model is needed for conceptualizing acculturation, and the practical implications are of her research with Latina/o immigrant. 

EPISODE 2: Examining Burdens Among Caregivers of Veterans (17:11)

Dr. Joan Griffin, a public health expert at the Mayo Clinic and one of the authors from the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry special issue entitled, "Facilitating reintegration for military service personnel, veterans, and their families," describes the unique challenges facing caregivers of veterans with traumatic brain injury and polytrauma and proposes a model for predicting mental health outcomes in this population.

EPISODE 3:  Mass Incarceration & Re-entry Policy (53:00)

Global Alliance policy liaison Jill McLeigh and Incarceration Task Force member Jamielee Behrendt-Mihalski joined RadioActive to discuss policies that have led to and continue to contribute to this country's mass incarceration crisis, with a focus on policies related to mental health and substance use. A little policy. A little social justice. A lot of fun.

EPISODE 4: Fostering Economic Opportunity and Social Change: Transforming Lives and Communities in Rural Guatemala (12:46)

This episode highlights Wakami, a nonprofit and business that empowers underprivileged communities and connects them to markets around the world. Founder Maria Pacheco describes for us how Dreams + Opportunities = Change.

EPISODE 5: The Imperative to Learn: Evaluating Humanitarian Response (13:24)

International Rescue Committee Senior Research Director Jeannie Annan describes recent changes to the humanitarian assistance field and what they mean for research and evaluation. 

EPISODE 6: Refugee Mental Health and Well-Being (13:32)

Professor Virginia Gil-Rivas of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte talks with the Global Alliance about frameworks, strategies, and polices aimed at promoting mental health and well-being among refugees. 

EPISODE 7: Addressing Bullying in Schools (6:27) 

Professor Sue Limber, Dan Olweus Distinguished Professor at Clemson University, discusses bullying prevention strategies, with a particular focus on comprehensive, school-wide efforts.

EPISODE 8: Human Trafficking In Laos (12:21)

Lauren Pinkston, Project Support Intern for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, discusses the challenges of combating human trafficking in Laos and lessons learned. 

EPISODE 9: Behind the Scenes with the Guest Editor of this month’s AJO: Bullying in Special Populations (11:17)

Listen to our interview with Dr. Dorothy Espelage, Professor of Psychology at the University of Florida and a guest editor of this month's (July 2018) special issue of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry on Bullying in Special Populations. Make sure to check out the great articles in AJO, as well! 

EPISODE 10: Mental Health among Student Veterans (13:28)

Listen to our recent discussion on mental health among student veterans with Geraldine Gorman, Chris O'Brien, and Patrick O'Carroll. 

EPISODE 10: Recovery in Community: Veterans and Serious Mental Illness (14:07)

Listen for an interview with Dimitri Perivoliotis, Ph.D., and Jordan Snyder, Psy.D., from the VA San Diego Healthcare system as they discuss serious mental illness recovery among veterans. 

EPISODE 11: Understanding Social Distance (8:50)

Listen for an interview with Katherine Schlatter on what social distancing means in the face of COVID-19. 

Episode 12: Easing Anxiety in an Uncertain Time (14:48)

This podcast with Cynthia Handrup, President of the Global Alliance, discusses some of the evolving mental health-related issues that individuals and families are experiencing.  It examines actions that each of us can take to assist others and help ourselves in this uncertain time. 

Episode 13: Technology & Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19 (18:20)

This podcast is a conversation with Swarnima, or Nima, Chaudhary, a technology project manager at the National Mental Health Innovation Center, based on the University of Colorado Anschutz Campus. She shares with us the role that technology can play in addressing mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the resources mentioned in the podcast here