New Task Force Structure 

Task Forces are smaller groups that are product (task) oriented. This group meets regularly to produce products for the Global Alliance and works on the research, design and development of products between meetings.


  • regular attendance in meetings (generally meets every 4-6 weeks)
  • completes work outside of the times of meetings on selected projects
  • members of task forces will meaningfully contribute to published materials on an ongoing basis
  • membership is required*


  • work with colleagues in an interdisciplinary setting
  • contribute to regular publications and presentations as determined by the goals of the task force

Interest Groups are larger groups that meet quarterly (4 times per year). They use our platform to share individual and organizational efforts among colleagues from around the world. Interest groups will be updated on the efforts of the task force, and kept informed of key events and publications.


  • participate and share your experience
  • Membership is required*


  • opportunity for networking on an interdisciplinary platform
  • opportunity to share lessons learned (individual and organizational) and gaining feedback on individual efforts from an interdisciplinary group of professionals and students
  • potential to nurture collaboration

*Students are permitted to join the regular Student/Early Career Task Force meetings without a membership.


1. May I be a member of more than one Task Force?
Yes. Individuals are able to participate in as many task forces as they wish, as long as they meet expectations as outlined above.

2. May I be a member of the task force and interest group on the same topic?
Yes, as long as you meet expectations as outlined above.

3. I am no longer a member, can I renew my membership?
Yes, please see our membership page to renew your membership.

4. I am not a member, can I become a member now?
Yes, please find out the benefits and become a new member here.

5. I can not afford a membership at this time, what can I do?
We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. If you are not able to purchase your membership at this time, please contact [email protected] in order to discuss alternative options.

6. I am a student on the SEC Task Force, but not a member, may I participate in the Global Alliance’s upcoming professional policy opportunities?
No, not yet. Before participating in the additional opportunities developed for students, you must first become a member here.