Join us at the 2019 SCRA Biennial Conference

The Global Alliance is again partnering with the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) to sponsor a track at SCRA's Biennial in Chicago. 

SCRA's 17th Biennial is being hosted by National Louis University from June 26th-29th, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.  



 Schedule of Presentations in the Global Alliance Track

Wednesday, June 26th 

9:00 AM - Global Alliance Vera S. Paster Award Address: The Ecology of Storytelling in Native America: Using Digital Stories to Empower Cultural and Historical Narratives, Jill Fish 

10:00 AM - Global Alliance Max Hayman Award Address: Holhpokunna Hatak Chanspo il Okchanyachi: Transcending Historical Trauma and Living the Dreams Our Ancestors Envisioned For Us, Karina Walters

11:00 AM - Global Alliance Marion Langer Award Address: Professionalism in Unprofessional Times: Reflections of a Polish Social Psychologist and Human Rights Activist, Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz

11:00 AM - Community Psychology Turning Lens Towards International Issues: To Global Wellbeing, Universal Human Rights, and Partnerships in the Pursuit of Change, Moshood Olanrewaju, Hana Masud, & Tiffeny Jimenez

1:00 PM - Symposium: Using an Enhanced Coaching Model to Improve Pre-K Teachers’ Instruction, Khalil Salim

Thursday, June 27th 

4:15 PM - Promoting Ecological Praxis by Creating Environments Conducive to Teaching, Learning, and Respecting Diversity: From University to Community, Erin Godly-Reynolds, Andrew D. Case, Geraldine Palmer, Megan E. Renner, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda Leach, & Alaisha Glenn

Friday, June 28th 

9:00 AM - Multisectoral Reflections on a Primary Prevention Framework for Child Trafficking: A Roundtable Discussion, Gita Jaffe, Robin Kimbrough-Melton, Jacqueline Larson, Jill D. McLeigh, Mary Sullivan, & Jessa Crisp

10:30 AM - Modeling how the Structured Dialogue Method (SDM) Promotes Community University Collaboration, Dawn Henderson, Charnelle Green, & Brian Sims

10:30 AM - The Villages That Raise Their Children, Mark Nagasawa, Rebecca Halperin, Megan Aseltine, Holly Jin, & Joanna Varda,

2:30 PM -  Underserved Populations and PAR: Fostering Safety in Uncertain Times, Anne Kirkner, Jaclyn D. Houston-Kolnik, Amanda Vasquez, Paola Baldo, Linda Lesondak, Camilla Cummings, Jessica Goodkind, Felipe Rodriguez, & Dorren Salina,

2:30 PM - Symposium: (Un)Restricted Emancipation: Advancing Social Justice for Women Throughout the African Diaspora In Policy, Academia and Practice, Deveda Francois

4:00 PM - Symposium: Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of All Immigrants: Chicago’s Local Response to Increased Distress in the Current Sociopolitical Climate, Dana Rusch

4:00 PM - Global Mental Health: Meeting the Challenges from the Lancet Report, Cynthia Handrup, Virginia Gil-Rivas, John Sargent, Evelyn Tomaszewski, Deborah Klien Walker, & Edilma Yearwood

Saturday, June 29th 

10:00 AM - Symposium: Advancing the Science of Ecological Multilevel Interventions Through CommunityUniversity Partnerships for Immigrant and Refugee Well-Being and Social Justice, Jessica Goodkind

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We hope to see you in June in Chicago!